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Male pattern baldness - outside of the box treatment

Updated: Mar 21

Two thirds of all men have hair loss by the age of 35 and that's a staggering number. We all know the signs of male pattern baldness, with the receding hairline, open crown and hair left behind on just the sides and back. Some people grow length on the sides and do the Trump comb over and some leave the sides and back long and just rock the extended forehead look but most men eventually opt to just shave the rest of it. Even with the head shaved, we can still detect that the hair on the forehead and top is thinner because of the lack of hair filling the follicles. It has been a real challenge for men to blend the two zones of their head but that may be a thing of the past.

Enter a service called scalp micropigmentation. This service is all about the implementation of pigment into the skin on the scalp in a manner that mimics hair filling the follicle. It is typically fairly painless and some practitioners will even apply the use of a topical numbing gel to assist in the comfort of the client. Typically up to 1200 follicles can be replicated in a square inch and it creates a beautifully lined up hairline. The pigment lasts about a year before it fades out to softy diffused color and then disappears all together. It can be applied every 6 months to keep the ink looking fresh.

Benefits of scalp micropigmentation: Downside of scalp micropigmentation:

brings that hairline back for about a year needs to be touched up annually to keep it fresh

appears just like real hair follicles and won't wash off only blends with the shaved head/stubble look

you get immediate results average cost can be about $2000

Interested in knowing more? Find certified practitioners and more information on the link below

Before and after scalp micropigmentation

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