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Who is behind Hair Loss Help?

Updated: Mar 15

Great question and one I can answer for you now....

I am Lindsay and I am the founder and CEO of Hair Loss Help LLC

which all sounds good but who am I really? I am a mom, a daughter,

a sister, a twin and a partner, but we've all got some of those titles,

don't we? What makes me more unique is that I am also a passionate

hair stylist, board certified permanent makeup artist, lash extensionist

and the proud salon owner of Salon Lotus in Scarborough Maine. I am

a bit of a science nerd. I love f'ing around and finding out. You could

definitely say I am an empath with a hippie heart, kind soul and a bit of

a push over if I am being honest here....and you might be thinking -

why does who I am matter to you? Well that's simple to answer, because

who I am is a combination of passion and compassion which leads me

to want to help the people in this hair loss community in a way that feels

like my souls purpose. I was born for this and here is how I know:

In the several years I have been practicing hair I have had a particular aptitude to draw in mostly hose clients who some might refer to as "problem clients." I know all of my coworkers are dying laughing right now because it's so true. Although, I don't see them as problem clients at all. They're mostly just clients with different needs. Some need to be alone in the salon to remove their wig in private, some need no noise because their life is so stressful and chaotic (reason for pulling hair out) that the salon is the only place they can have peace, some cry and ask me to measure the circumference of their pony to make sure they're not losing all of their hair, some ask to keep their hair piece on the whole time we are doing their hair to avoid seeing their true scalp. I am very accommodating but honestly it doesn’t bother me because my ("problem") clients sustain me and offer so much more. I see them as the kindling that is lighting the fire for my industry; the tools that create contrast against mundane routine; the spark that keeps my science mind running with the opportunity of fulfillment when I satisfy a challenge. I love unique and curiously bizarre elements sprinkled into my life and that is probably exactly why I was blessed with two amazing boys who are rocking life on the autism spectrum. Normal is overrated. :) I would much prefer "authentic".

So nutshell cracked open, that is basically who I am. I am grateful that you are here and I'm grateful to have this space to build a beautifully authentic community. I am dedicated to providing the latest, most effective product advice available. Check out my page Hair Loss Help on facebook and #hairlosshellp on instagram for more content. Hope you enjoy as much as I do! :)

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